Introducing BLACKHOLE: An approval-free decentralized & cross-chain burning protocol

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3 min readApr 23, 2021


In a few words…

Blackhole protocol originates from Ethereum network and gradually spread to Polkadot, BSC, Heco, Sol and eventually the whole blockchain world.
Any user or project governor could create a burning pool by holding $BLACK and old LP token to permamently burn the old one into a new Token.

$BLACK Token will flashly enter the deflationary model and keep deflating with the process of ecological reconfiguration.

Burning process explained

Product Innovations

  1. Openness and Compatibility of Black Hole Protocol Ecology

    The Blackhole protocol acts as an approval-free burning protocol. Anyone in the protocol could create a burning pool with an approval-free invocation contract that can be directly infiltrated into any Defi project which needs burning incentive.
    Blackhole could achieve seamless connection with any project’s user interface by the user-friendly features of open-source SDK and special smart contract.
  2. Multiple support for burning protocol

    Native support for liquidity reward burning (creator-designed burning rewards), single token burning (with a single token as the burning token).
  3. Features of liquidity burning

    Blackhole protocol could directly destroy the LPT’s ownership but retain the liquidity of the pool, meaning the liquidity could be left on-chain belonginglessly, thus achievieng complete liquidity neutrality and decentralization for the first time.
    Meanwhile with the burning process, BLACK Token will gain more ‘quality’ of liquidity, achieving deflation while gaining incremental ‘neutral’ liquidity on chain
  4. The top-notch mathematical deflation model

    BLACK Token is a special burning economic system that follows the geometrical progressio convergence model, in which all of Black Token will undergo a ‘deflationary cycle’. After 15 deflationary cycles, the token will be left less than 5%, and the value of the token will increase infinitely with the ‘deflationary cycle’

Technical Innovations

NFT and cross-chain set-aside support

Blackhole protocol is designed with NFT concept and cross-chain support. With the tight timing, Blackhole protocol will start NFT rewards and cross-chain burning, making a solid foundation for penetrating a wider and larger ecosystem

Economic model

  1. Black’s platform revenue
    In V1, partners could get free service of Blackhole Protocol. Then, the fee of token burning and reward distribution will be used in Black buyback.
    BLACK stakers can also subsequently participate in Governance directly through their staking.
  2. Farming
    The life cycle of Black Token will be divided into three phases
    Birth → Thriving → Infinite Deflation
    In the ‘Birth’ stage, staking farming and liquidity farming of Black Token will start after the initial offering through IDO.

Road Map

Blach Hole Road Map


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